Are You Starting A Laundromat?

Are you interested in opening a laundromat in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky? Since 1955, Teeters Products has been helping entrepreneurs succeed in the coin laundry business. From providing the best commercial laundry equipment on the market to financing, marketing, and maintenance services, our laundry experts are here to help you build a thriving laundromat business.

Why Partner With Teeters Products?

No one has better equipment. No one has more expertise. No one has a better track record.

At Teeters Products, we take our commitment to our customers seriously. Our Electrolux Professional equipment delivers incredible wash results with low running costs, and our large team of laundry experts allows us to offer unrivalled support.
Anyone can say they are the best, but we can show you.
Drop by our 40,000 sq.-ft offices and showrooms. Meet our coin laundromat experts and see our coin laundry equipment in action.
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Our Expert Coin Laundry Services

  • Demographic Study

    Before starting your business, it is important to know the demographics of your neighborhood. We’ll help you find areas suitable for a new laundromat and identify the services that your customers are looking for.

  • Location Discovery & Brokerage Services

    With over 60 years of experience in the laundry business, we know what makes a great location. We can scout locations in your area, analyze a location you have in mind, and through our brokerage service, help you discover existing businesses for sale.

  • Utility Analysis

    The most successful laundromat owners know how to keep their running costs to a minimum. At Teeters we have the energy-efficient equipment and the knowhow to help you control your energy, water, and sewer bills.

  • Business Plan

    Our experts have helped hundreds of laundromat owners succeed in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. We know the steps needed to build a thriving business, and we can help you put together your roadmap to success.

  • Financing

    Together with our funding partners, we can help you secure the financing you need for your new venture. We offer our customers flexible financing packages with low rates and laundry industry expertise.

  • Store Mockup, Design, & Construction

    We’ll help you design an efficient floor plan that helps you get the most from your premises and creates a user-friendly experience. Need help imagining what your store will look like — we’ll create a mockup to help you visualize your space. And we can consult with your construction team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Laundromat Marketing

    Through our partnership with Laundrylux, you can gain access to valuable marketing services absolutely free. Free store interior design. Free exterior sign design services. Free templates for ads, postcards, & other materials to promote your store!

  • Installation, Maintenance, & Repairs

    Our team of expert, factory-trained technicians can install, maintain and repair your washers and dryers. We’ll help keep your equipment in top shape and make sure that your most valuable investment helps your business build profit year after year.

Benefits Of Starting A Laundromat Business

The laundromat business is a steady, profitable, and recession-proof business. Whether you want to run a fully staffed full-service store or an automated self-service store, the flexibility of the laundromat business means you can achieve your business goals.
  • Recession-Proof

    Laundromats are one of the most recession-proof businesses around. People need clean clothes whether the economy is in good shape or not.

  • Low Labor Costs

    Laundromats have very low labor costs compared to other high-street businesses.

  • Profitable Business

    Laundromat businesses deliver a great return on investment. With good management and with the support of Teeters Products you can expect your business to earn a healthy profit.

  • Steady Income

    Once you have established your customer base, your business will benefit from repeat weekly customers and steady, dependable income.

Teeters Products can help you build a thriving laundromat business — but don’t just take our word for it.

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