On-Premises Laundry

If you run a business in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky and are sending your laundry to an outside service, Teeters Products can help you bring your laundry in-house. From large healthcare facilities and hospitality businesses to smaller operations like fire departments, gyms, salons, veterinary clinics, and spas, we have helped many businesses gain the benefits on-premises laundry (OPL).

Why Choose Teeters Products?

No one has better equipment. No one has more expertise. No one has a better track record.

At Teeters Products, we know what it takes to build an efficient OPL operation that delivers quality wash results and keeps running costs to a minimum. Our Electrolux Professional laundry equipment allows your business to meet the highest hygiene and presentation standards and our large team of laundry experts allows us to offer unrivalled support.

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Our Expert Laundry Services

  • Utility Analysis

    At Teeters Products, we have the energy-efficient equipment and the knowhow to help you minimize your business’s energy, water, and sewer bills.

  • Laundry Room Mockup, Design, & Construction

    We’ll help you design an efficient floor plan that helps you get the most from your on-premises laundry operation. And we can consult with your construction team to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Installation, Maintenance, & Repairs

    The team of experts and factory-trained technicians at Teeters Products can install, maintain and repair your on-premises laundry equipment, ensuring your washers, dryers, and ironers produce high-quality results year after year.

  • Equipment Financing

    Together with our funding partners, we can help you secure the equipment financing you need for your on-premises laundry operation. We offer our customers flexible financing packages with low rates and laundry industry expertise.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Get the benefits of on-premises laundry without the up-front costs. We have flexible commercial laundry equipment rental programs to suit your business needs and circumstances.

Who We Serve
  • Healthcare Facilities

    We help hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities take control of their laundry operations. Our barrier washers are built to achieve the highest possible hygiene standards, helping you protect your patients and residents against the spread of infection.

  • Fire Departments

    Every firefighter knows that bunker gear is the most important tool they have in staying safe while on the job. Protective garments must be consistently and properly cleaned in order to prolong the life of the clothing and keep the firefighter healthy and safe. Our washers help fire departments clean equipment thoroughly and quickly, while maintaining the protective qualities of their gear.

  • Hospitality Businesses

    Our commercial washers and dryers are built for energy-efficiency and top wash results, while our easy-to-operate flatwork ironers will help your hotel achieve the impeccable standards your guests expect.

  • Gyms & Spas

    Our commercial laundry equipment is built for high-performance and low utility consumption. We can help your fitness center or spa cut costs and achieve quality results.

  • Small Businesses

    We have laundry solutions for small businesses like salons, veterinary clinics, and restaurants. Our Encore and Crossover semi-professional equipment give small businesses the benefits of on-premises laundry with an affordable price tag.

Benefits of On-Premises Laundry

  • Lower Costs

    Your business can achieve significant savings compared to sending your laundry out to an outside service.

  • Quicker Turnaround

    On-premises laundry can help your business drastically cut turnaround times. You’ll need to keep a lower stock of linens, helping you save on linen purchases, storage, and replacement costs.

  • Quality Results

    Our equipment is built to produce high-quality wash results. With an on-premises laundry facility, you can ensure that your business achieves the highest hygiene standards.

Teeters Products has helped businesses throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky gain the benefits of on-premises laundry.

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