Teeters Products

Your full-service distributor, delivering the best commercial laundry equipment, services, and expert advice throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky since 1955.

Teeters Products has been helping build successful laundromat businesses and on-premises laundry operations for over 60 years, and we are just as passionate about the commercial laundry industry today as we were back in 1955.

Why Partner With The Laundry Experts At Teeters Products?

  • We Build Long-Lasting Business Relationships

    At Teeters Products, we are not simply looking to make a quick sale. When you open a laundromat business, you need a partner you can trust long-term. We’ll help create your laundromat business plan, select, install, and maintain your equipment, and be there when you’re ready to expand.

  • We Empower Our Customers With The Latest Technology

    While we believe in traditional business values like loyalty, honesty, and integrity, at Teeters Products, we continually strive to empower our customers with the latest — and best — commercial laundry technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment is water-saving, energy-efficient, and can help your customers complete their laundry in under an hour.

  • We Provide Expert Advice & Business Services

    With over 60 years of experience, we know what it takes to build a successful laundromat business, and we are happy to share our expertise. We can help you understand your neighborhood with a demographic study, find a location where your laundromat will thrive, help secure business financing, design your store layout, and much more.

We Go Beyond Providing The Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

Our Specialty Laundry Services Include...

  • Demographic Study

  • Laundromat Business Plans

  • Utility Analysis

  • Equipment Financing

  • Location Discovery & Brokerage Services

  • Store Mockup & Design

  • Construction Consultations

  • Laundromat Marketing

  • Equipment Installation

  • Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

Anyone can say they are the best, but we can show you.
Whether you want to retool your coin laundry store, open a new laundromat, or are looking for an efficient on-premises laundry solution, drop by our 40,000 sq.-ft offices and equipment showrooms. Meet the laundry experts behind Teeters Products and see our energy-efficient equipment in action.

Teeters Products has helped businesses throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky gain the benefits of on-premises laundry.

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